Specify Asset Type

What kind of asset do you have?

Help us find the right pentesters for your asset.

For each asset, we provide guidance for each of the following asset types:

Asset Type Description
Web An online application (app). Includes APIs that supply data to the (Web) app.
Mobile Any application intended for mobile phones or tablets.
API API is an Application Programming Interface. Use for APIs independent of a Web app.
External Network Any network that’s directly exposed to the internet.
Internal Network Any network with either a limited or no interface to the internet.
Cloud Config For systems on “the Cloud,” using services such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP.

We also support tests that span two categories, including:

  • Web + API
    • If the only APIs you use supply information to your web app, select the Web asset type. We test those APIs as part of web-only tests.
  • Web + External Network
  • Web + Mobile

Once you’ve classified your asset, select an Asset Type:

Select an Asset Type

The next step is to Describe Your Assets.

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Last modified January.01.2023