Your Pentest Checklist

Review your pentest request.

Make sure our pentesters have the information they need.

In previous sections, you’ve saved what you’ve entered for the pentest. Now you can review your work. Before selecting Submit For Review, follow this checklist for Objectives, Details, and your Asset.

Review Your Work

For all three tabs, you can select Edit to make changes.


Under the Objectives tab, you can review:


Under the Details tab, you can review:


Under the Asset tab, you can review:


If you want a pentest report, you generally must set up a test of at least eight (8) credits. If you’ve set up a pentest with fewer credits, you’ll still have access to the non-report items listed in Pentest Expectations.

When You’re Ready

If you’re ready with your pentest, select Submit for Review.

Once you do so, learn what to expect after you create a pentest.

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Last modified January.01.2022