Create Pentest Objectives

Now that you’ve defined an asset, it’s time to define objectives for the pentest.

Define what you want our pentesters to test.

When you set up a pentest through the UI, you:

  • Define the Asset
  • Create Pentest Objectives
  • Add Details
  • Plan the Pentest

This section can help you set up pentest objectives. In the Cobalt UI, you can define pentest objectives in the following screen:

Pentest Objectives

On this page of the UI, you can:

If you’re not sure what to include in the UI, follow the links associated with each bullet. If you’re experienced with defining pentests, fill out the page, and continue to Pentest Detail Requirements.

We use the penetration testing methodologies listed on the page. If you want to know more about each methodology, navigate to the page associated with your asset.

If you start at the top of the pentest objectives page, your next step is to specify a target.

Pentest Target

Define where our pentesters can find your asset.

Pentest Methodologies

An overview of available pentest methodologies.

Test Credentials

Your pentesters need dedicated accounts to test your systems.

Special Instructions

Every asset is unique. What do your pentesters need to know about it?

Technology Stack

Your pentesters need to know the technologies behind your asset.

Last modified November.11.2021