Cobalt Integrations

Integrate third-party apps and configure webhooks.

Streamline your pentesting and development workflows with Cobalt integrations.

To get started, navigate to the Integrations page in the Cobalt app.

  • Set up Native integrations in the Cobalt app to push Cobalt data to external apps. Here, you can also create webhooks to get real-time pentest updates.
  • Enable Partner integrations in third-party apps. You need an API token to pull Cobalt data to external apps.
Integration Type Use
Jira icon Jira Native
  • Push Cobalt findings as issues to Jira Cloud, Server, or Data Center
  • Synchronize Cobalt findings with Jira tickets bi-directionally
  • GitHub icon GitHub Native Push Cobalt findings as issues to GitHub (Cloud only)
    Webhooks icon Webhooks Native Subscribe to real-time notifications for pentest events using API-based webhooks
    JupiterOne icon JupiterOne Partner Analyze pentest data with JupiterOne tools
    Tugboat Logic icon Tugboat Logic Partner Pull Cobalt pentest information into a Tugboat Logic-based InfoSec program
    DefectDojo icon DefectDojo Partner Import your Cobalt pentest findings into DefectoDojo with Cobalt API
    Kenna Security icon Kenna Security Partner Import Cobalt pentest findings
    PlexTrac icon PlexTrac Partner Import Cobalt findings into a PlexTrac report
    anecdotes icon anecdotes Partner Integrate Cobalt findings into the compliance operating system

    Build Your Own Integration

    Use our API to build your own integrations. You need a Cobalt API token to make REST calls.

    Refer to the API documentation for details.

    Suggest an Integration

    We’re working to integrate more solutions with the Cobalt platform. You can suggest a tool that would support your workflows:

    Get Pentest Updates with Webhooks

    Set up webhook notifications for your organization.

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    Last modified November.11.2022