Collaborate on pentests with team members from your organization.

Organization Owners can manage users and adjust settings for their organization.

When you receive an email invitation from Cobalt, you join a specific organization with a role assigned to you. Within an organization, you and your team get access to the Cobalt platform and the pentest experience.

You can view the organization you belong to in the Cobalt app. If you joined multiple organizations, you can switch between them.

View your organizations in the Cobalt app

Download Your Organization’s Pentest Data

To export pentest data for your organization, you can:

  • Use the Cobalt API. Read our API documentation for details. You can send API requests to retrieve pentest data, such as:

  • Manually download findings and reports for each pentest in the Cobalt app. Select the key for instructions.

    To download all findings for a pentest:

    To download a report as a PDF file:

User Roles and Permissions

Learn about the user roles and associated permissions.

Manage Users

Manage users within an organization or pentest.

Configure Organization Settings

Adjust settings for your organization.

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Last modified January.01.2023