Overview of Cobalt Documentation

This page includes links to other Cobalt literature, including our Getting Started guide.

Support Articles

When customers need help with the Cobalt app, they frequently rely on support articles, available through the Cobalt Zendesk interface.

If you’re a Cobalt customer, connect to Zendesk and select the Sign in link. Once connected, you’ll have access to more support articles.

API Documentation

Cobalt has a RESTful API that allows you to call the following data related to your pentests:

  • Organizations
  • Assets
  • Pentests
  • Findings
  • Events
  • Tokens

To use our REST calls, you’ll need an API Token from your Cobalt profile.

Blog Posts

Cobalt has an extensive library of blog posts, designed to help and inform you about:

  • Cobalt and our product
  • Profiles for our pentesters
  • Advice for our customers
  • Standards and how you can meet them
  • Life at Cobalt

Cobalt is creating product documentation. As we build it, we hope to help you visualize how our product can help you simplify the pentest process.

We hope that future docs can help you make best use of Cobalt software.

This documentation is a product of Cobalt Labs, Inc. As noted in our Terms of use, when we use “Us”, “We”, “Our”, “Cobalt.io”, or “Cobalt, we’re referring to Cobalt Labs, Inc., a Delaware Corporation.

Getting Started

How to get started with Cobalt software.

Platform Deep Dive

Explore the features of the Cobalt platform.

API Use Cases

Includes practical uses for our API.

Cobalt Integrations

Integrate third-party apps and configure webhooks.

Best Practices for Security

Recommendations for developers focused on security.

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Last modified January.01.2023