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Start the pentest process. Sign in to the Cobalt app.

This page assumes that you’ve received a welcome email from Cobalt.

Even if you haven’t yet purchased Cobalt credits, this page (and document) can help you visualize how you can set up a pentest with the Cobalt UI.

You’ve just received an email with the following title:

Welcome to the Cobalt Platform: Let's Get Started

Open the email. It should include a link to Get Started:

Cobalt Welcome email

Now you can:

  1. Select the link in your email.

  2. From the webpage that appears, create a password. Follow the complexity requirements on the screen. We require passwords with at least:

    • Eight (8) characters
    • One (1) uppercase letter
    • One (1) lowercase letter
    • One (1) digit

    We also include a link to our Terms and Conditions.

  3. Once you’ve set a password, you should see the Cobalt app.

  4. Next time you can sign in to Cobalt in the following ways:

    • From the Sign In page, with:
      • A username and password. Your username is your email address.
      • A Google account that you used to sign in to Cobalt Cobalt Sign In page
    • Through SAML SSO, if configured


We support single sign-on (SSO) based on Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0). Once enabled, you can sign in to the Cobalt app through a third-party identity provider selected by your company.

Once your Organization Owner has configured SAML SSO, you need to sign in to the Cobalt app through the identity provider instead of the Cobalt Sign In page. Procedures differ for each identity provider.

Learn more about configuring SAML SSO.

Two-Factor Authentication

We support two-factor authentication (2FA). After you sign in, select the profile icon in the upper-right corner, and then select Security Settings.

If you’re using SAML SSO to sign in, you don’t need to turn on 2FA.

Next Step

You can now start setting up a Pentest. Select Create a Pentest, and proceed to the next step to define your assets.

Account Recovery

Learn how to recover your Cobalt account.

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Last modified October.10.2022