Sign In to Cobalt

Start the pentest process. Sign in to the Cobalt app.

This page assumes that you’ve received a welcome email from Cobalt.

Even if you haven’t yet purchased Cobalt credits, this page (and document) can help you visualize how you can set up a pentest with the Cobalt UI.

You’ve just received an email with the following title:

Welcome to the Cobalt Platform: Let's Get Started

Open the email. It should include a link to Get Started:

Cobalt Welcome email

Now you can:

  1. Select the link in your email.

  2. From the webpage that appears, create a password. Follow the complexity requirements on the screen. We require passwords with at least:

    • Eight (8) characters
    • One (1) uppercase letter
    • One (1) lowercase letter
    • One (1) digit

    We also include a link to our Terms and Conditions.

  3. Once you’ve set a password, you should see the Cobalt app.

  4. The next time you want to sign in, navigate to

    • Your username is your email address.

Cobalt Sign In Screen

You can now use the Cobalt app to start setting up a Pentest. The next step is to Define Your Assets.

Last modified November.11.2021