Plan the Pentest

Set up a schedule. Confirm the scope.

Now you can set a date for the pentest.

By default, we can help you schedule pentests with a start date at least two (2) business days after you select “Submit for Review.”

We reserve two (2) weeks to complete our pentests.

Pentester Planning

On the Pentest Planning screen, you can also update the asset scope, and the number of credits required for the test.

Additional Requests

You can also specify special requirements for pentesters. For example, if industry, company, or national regulations require that you limit pentesters to residents of one or more countries, you can do so here:

Pentester Limits

Congratulations! If you’re ready with your pentest, select Save & Exit > Yes.

In the next screen, you can review your work, as a checklist.

Last modified November.11.2021