Define Your Assets

Security professionals perform pentests on your assets. Collect the info they need.

Help our pentesters test your assets faster.

Once you select Create a Pentest, you land on the Let’s Get Started screen.

Let’s Get Started screen prompting you to select the pentest type

Before you start defining your assets, select the pentest type that you want to launch.

  • An Agile Pentest focuses on code changes or a specific area of an asset and comes with an Automated Report intended for internal use
  • A Comprehensive Pentest is performed for security audit, compliance audit, or customer attestation and includes comprehensive reports intended for external stakeholders

Select how you want to proceed with your asset:

  • Create a new asset:
    • On the Asset page, specify the asset details. Once you select Create Asset, you land on the Assets page.
    • To set up a pentest for this asset, select the three-dot icon under Action, and then select Create a Pentest.
  • Use an existing asset:
    • Select an asset from the list. Once you select Continue, you can see asset details on the Review Asset screen. To update asset information, select Edit Asset. Review your asset in the pentest wizard

Asset Details

The Asset screen prompts you for the following information:

  • Asset Title: Set up a descriptive name to attract attention from the best pentesters.
  • Asset Image: Use it to help identify what you need from a list of assets.
  • Asset Type: Select one of the options described in the linked page.
  • Asset Description: Add information that can help your pentesters fully analyze your asset.
  • Attachment(s): Upload documentation, architecture diagrams, images, spreadsheets, or videos related to your asset.

Specify asset details

The UI provides the information that you need to add an Asset Title and Image. Now take the next step and define your Asset Type.

Specify Asset Type

What kind of asset do you have?

Understand Pentest Scoping

The pentest scope determines the number of credits required for a pentest.

Describe Your Assets

Better descriptions help our pentesters test your assets properly.

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Last modified October.10.2022