Define Your Assets

Security professionals perform pentests on your assets. Collect the info they need.

Help our pentesters test your assets faster.

The Let’s get started! screen includes two options:

  • Create a new pentest from an existing asset
    • This option opens a drop-down text box. Use it to select from assets that you’ve created. It populates the Asset screen with available information.
  • Create a new pentest for a new asset.

When you set up a pentest through the UI, your going through the following stages of our pentest wizard:

  • Define the Asset
  • Create Pentest Objectives
  • Specify Pentest Details
  • Plan the Pentest

This section can help you define your asset. In the Cobalt UI, you can define pentest objectives in the following screen:

Asset Screen

This page corresponds to the Assets that you can set up in the Cobalt app. You can access the UI to define your assets in the following ways:

  • Select Assets in the left-hand pane, and select New Asset.
  • Select Assets or Pentests in the left-hand pane, and select Create a Pentest. When you set up a pentest, the wizard allows you to define an asset.

This Getting Started Guide assumes that you’re setting up an asset as part of setting up a pentest.

The asset screen prompts you for the following information:

  • Asset Image: Use it to help identify what you need from a list of assets.
  • Asset Title: Set up a descriptive name to attract attention from the best pentesters.
  • Asset Type: Select one of the options described in the linked page.
  • Asset Scoping: Review the guidance on:
  • Asset Description: Add information that can help your pentesters fully analyze your asset.
  • Asset Documentation: Upload documentation, architecture diagrams, images, spreadsheets, videos related to your asset.

The UI provides the information that you need to add an Asset Image and Title. Now take the next step and define your Asset Type.

Invite Help

You may not have all the information that you need. To invite others to help define your pentest, look for the Add Collaborator icon:

Add Collaborator

If you select the icon, we save the current pentest, in draft format. We then prompt you for an email address of a coworker who could have more information about your pentest needs.

Next, your coworker receives an email to sign up for Cobalt, with a link directly to the pentest that you’re working on.

Specify Asset Type

What kind of asset do you have?

Size Your Assets

Size your assets to ensure appropriate coverage.

Understand Pentest Coverage

To get a cost-effective but complete pentest, you need the “right” coverage for your assets.

Describe Your Assets

Better descriptions help our pentesters test your assets properly.

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Last modified January.01.2022