Define Your Assets

Security professionals perform pentests on your assets. Collect the info they need.

You can launch multiple pentests for an asset. Once you’ve set up an asset, you can reuse it in your next pentests.

Workflow for creating a pentest

Create an Asset

Once you’ve signed in, you land on the Assets page.

  • To add a single asset, select New Asset. Specify asset details.
  • To upload assets in bulk in CSV or XLSX format, select Bulk Assets. Once uploaded, you can select an asset to add an image, technology stack, and attachments.
    • If the upload is successful, all your assets from the file are added. Otherwise, no assets are created. Our algorithm doesn’t process the request partially.
    • We don’t prevent you from creating duplicate assets.

Best practices for creating an asset:

  • Describe your asset as clearly as possible.
  • Add a product walk-through and asset documentation using the provided templates.
  • Keep your assets up to date.
  • Start creating or editing your asset before creating a pentest. You can reuse the asset for future pentests.

Asset Details

The Asset screen prompts you for the following information:

  • Asset Title: Set up a descriptive name to attract attention from the best pentesters.
  • Asset Image: Use it to help identify what you need from a list of assets.
  • Asset Type: Select one of the options described in the linked page.
  • Technology Stack (for Web, Mobile, API, and combined asset types): Add a technology stack for your asset. You can preview potential vulnerabilities based on the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) standard for this stack.
  • Asset Description: Add information that can help your pentesters fully analyze your asset.
  • Attachment(s): Upload documentation, architecture diagrams, images, spreadsheets, or videos related to your asset.

Specify asset details

The UI provides the information that you need to add an Asset Title and Image. Now take the next step and define your Asset Type.

Specify Asset Type

What kind of asset do you have?

Describe Your Assets

Better descriptions help our pentesters test your assets properly.

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Last modified March.03.2023