Pentest Types

Select the pentest type based on your scope and goals.

Learn about the pentest types that we offer.

Before creating a pentest, determine why you want to perform it and what results you expect.

We offer Agile and Comprehensive Pentests. Refer to the table below to learn the difference between them.

Agile Pentest Comprehensive Pentest
Definition An Agile Pentest focuses on code changes or a specific area of an asset and comes with an Automated Report intended for internal use A Comprehensive Pentest is performed for security audit, compliance audit, or customer attestation and includes comprehensive reports intended for external stakeholders
Credit Requirements1 3 credits minimum, thereafter in increments of 1 credit 5 credits minimum, thereafter in increments of 1 credit
Pentest Scope Specific part of an asset Broad area of an asset
Use Cases
  • New release or feature testing
  • Delta testing
  • Exploitable vulnerability testing
  • Single OWASP category testing
  • Microservice testing
  • Internal security testing
  • Comprehensive security audit
  • Compliance audit testing based on the frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, CREST, or HIPAA
  • M&A due diligence
  • Internal or third-party attestation request
  • Pentest Lead Assigned No Yes
    Available Pentest Reports
  • Automated Report
  • Customer Letter
  • Attestation Letter
  • Attestation Report
  • Full Report
  • Full Report + Finding Details
  • Report Target Audience Internal stakeholders External stakeholders

    1 Pentests requiring more than 20 credits don’t get immediate credit confirmation. We’ll specify the number of required credits after reviewing the pentest.

    You can change the type of your pentest before we move it to the Planned state. Select Edit on the pentest brief, and then select the Pentest Type.

    Next Steps

    Refer to the Getting Started guide to set up a pentest in several stages.

    Once the pentest is complete, you can download a pentest report to explore security issues that our pentesters found.

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    Last modified January.01.2023